Helpful Links for Hearing Loss

State of New Jersey Division of The Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

SayWhatClub - Online Forum for People with Hearing Loss

HLAA-NJ State Association 

Hearing Loss Association of America New York City Chapter

Customized Learning Exercises for Aural Rehab

Interactive Auditory Training

LACE Listening & Communication Enhancement

Effective Communication in Health Care for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

The Communicator Mask by Safe 'N' Clear

Information About Hearing Aids and Other Topics for the Hard of Hearing

Hear Well, Stay Vital - Stay Engaged, Stay Vital and Enjoy What You Love a website for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans. Learn about cell phones, wireless devices and services to meet your specific needs

Three Hearing Loss Types: Effects and Common Treatments

Your Hearing Decision - Affordable, Refurbished Hearing Aids

Caring for Deaf Seniors: The Essentials

Knowledge Base/Strategies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communication

Pocket Talker - Inexpensive Assistive Device

ClearMask - fully transparent face mask

Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss (aamhl)

Scholarships & Resources for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

College Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Graduate Students

Resume and Employment Guide for People with Disabilities

AVA - App for smartphones. Enjoy 24/7 access to conversations around you.

InnoCaption - free moble app for captioning phone conversations on smartphones

Otter Voice Meeting Notes - Note taking smartphone app for meetings, interviews, lectures and other important voice conversations

Rev Speech-to-Text Services - Convert Audio and Video to Text

SoundPrint - Find a quiet place. Free app that allows you to check sound levels as well as rate and review them

Visual, hearing and speech impairment tools

Workplace Communication Tips for People with Hearing Loss

Fiscal Tiger - Employment Opportunities for People with Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss, Deafness and Sleep - How Does Hearing Loss Affect Sleep?

Addiction Recovery for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Center for Hearing Loss Help - Neal Bauman

FCC Consumer Complaints

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Care

Disabilty Benefits Guide  - What medical conditions quality for Social Security Disability or SSI

Hearing Tracker  - Information to help consumers find better hearing aids and hearing providers

Cochlear Implant Alliance

CochlearImplantHELP - Information and guidance to help you wherever you are in your cochlear implant journey whether you are just starting to research information about getting a cochlear implant or already have a CI.

CaptionCall - the captioned telephone for people with hearing loss

HearStong Foundation - Educates and motivates people to take control of their hearing loss

LOOP NJ, LLC - Hearing loop installation and support

To contact Pat Dobbs about her HEARING LOSS EVOLUTION, her workshops, classes and 1 on 1 coaching go to

For information about the Theater Devlopment Fund's Accessibility Program (TAP) and captioned theater performances 

Stay informed and support the work of The Hearing Health Foundation to help make hearing loss and tinnitus a thing of the past 


Online magazine for all pianists, lovers of classical piano music and musicians with hearing loss