About Us

Morris County Chapter

Founded in 2011, the Hearing Loss Association of America, Morris County Chapter, is one of four county chapters of the New Jersey State Association (HLAA-NJ: www.hearingloss-nj.org), which is supported by the national organization, (HLAA: www.hearingloss.org).

The organization benefits all persons with a variety of hearing loss situations — life-long, late-life loss, with (or without) hearing aids and/or cochlear implants. Those who work professionally, or live with the hard of hearing are also welcome to the support group. With invited guest speakers, a wide variety of informative topics concerning the challenges of hearing loss are addressed. The meetings are also a valuable forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information about resources for the hard of hearing in the state.

Ann Marie Picardo, President
Alice J. Glock, Vice President
Bob Jones, Secretary
Judy Heimbach, Treasurer
Jennifer Percival, Trustee
Carol Casale, Trustee
Pat Dobbs, Immediate Past President

Questions - Please contact Ann Marie Picardo
201-486-2907 (text)


Mission Statement

To support The Hearing Loss Association of America in its efforts to educate ourselves and others about hearing loss, advocate for improved access to communication and promote new technology.  We strive to empower those with hearing loss with a sense of pride and self-worth and a greater awareness of how we can advocate for ourselves and others who are affected by hearing loss.